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Halloween FX
Spooky Links

Listed here you will find links to build the absolute creepiest and bone-chilling props anywhere. As with any construction project, please use safety goggles and the proper tool for the job, and always follow the instructions just as they appear. Happy building!

Halloween Online - over a dozen web links dedicated to one of my favorite holidays. Your complete source for Halloween on the Net.

Laurence Lund's Halloween Page. Tons of info can be found here.

Adam's Halloween Page - More info can be found here too for the do-it-yourselfer.

Earthsand'sHaunted Halloween Props - A ton of info here too.

The MonsterMaze by Mike Bruner - includes info on building a Haunted House.

Devious Concoctions by Brent Ross - spooky stuff here!

The Ghosts of Halloween by Adam Turkow - more scary stuff here, too.

The Horror Dome by Jerry - way too much stuff here, including pre-built props.

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The WildRice Halloween -List - TONS! and I mean TONS of Halloween How-to Projests. Just click on Halloween! Check it out today!

All Prop listings - individual props and lists of prop projects  - can be found by clicking > HERE < , plus a list of walk-throughs ( Home Haunts ) and tons and tons of useful information for the serious do-it-yourselfer. . . The Monster List of Halloween.  Paste and copy...  http//