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Halloween FX

Trick Or Treat Safety

On this page you will find safety tips to make your children's night of Trick-Or-Treating extra special and more fun than ever!

It's October 31st, and children all across America have been temporarily replaced by innumerable creatures from other planets and other worlds, although they speak a common language:" Trick-Or-Treat! " Before you send your little spirits out into the neighborhood, be sure they won't be invisible to oncoming cars. Transform an ordinary flashlight into a cool and creepy accesory, and even the most ghoulish of ghosts will want one of his or her own. 
As we all know, Halloween night is supposed to be scary, of course, but without posing any real danger. A few helpful precautions can keep the holiday a safe one.
* Have children carry flashlights or snap lights (click here for cheap glowsticks ) for visibility, and loose change in case they need to call home.
* All childrens' costumes should also be trimmed with reflective tape for added visibility and safety. Use craft paper scissors for decorative shapes such as moons, stars, lightning bolts and so on.
* Give your child a wristwatch that can be read in the dark, and set times when he or she should call or come home. And have a chaperone, such as an older sibling or relative to guide your little monsters through the night.
* Make sure that costumes do not drag on the ground, that shoes fit properly, and that eyeholes in masks allow proper vison. Better yet, have your children use make-up instead, which allows totally unobstucted vision.
* All toy swords, knives, axes, and other weapon props should be lightweight and flexible. Realistic-looking guns should never be carried.
* Childern should only approach houses that have their lights on.
* And lastly --- Warn your children not to eat any unwrapped treats from people that they do not know.  A big dinner or snack, such as fruit, beforehand should do the trick before they go out for treats.

Find flashlights in colors that compliment your childrens' costumes -- black for the undead, red or blue for superheroes, and pink for princesses. Use vellum, tissue paper, or glassine paper; heavy vellum works best for designs that need some structure, like a paper skullFlowers and flames look best in glassine and tissue paper, which are sturdy, but have fluidity. To make a skull, stack two sheets of paper, draw your design on one, and cut out simultaneously from both. For flower petals, accordian-fold a strip of paper, and cut many petals out at once. To make a flaming torch, cut a strip of paper measuring the circumference of the flashlight rim, then tear points into one side, so the edges impart a firey effect. For a curly cuff, cut points into another strip (matching the color of the flashlight rim) and use scissors to curl each point, as you would a ribbon. Use double-sided tape to secure designs to the inside of the flashlight rim, or you could layer decorations on the inside and out for a more intricate look. Happy Haunting!

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Trick or Treat!! Smell my feet!!
Gimme something good to eat!!

Trick-Or-Treat....smell my feet...give me something good to eat!!

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