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Halloween FX

Halloween Decorating Tips

On this page, you will find ideas and links to transform your ordinary, everyday abode into a Haunted House.

First, let's start with outside. Depending on the size of your yard - or your porch, you can decorate a dozen different ways. Scary? Cute? Silly? Classic monsters? It's up to you to decide what type of emotions you are trying to evoke.
*  Change all outdoor lighting to Green, Blue and Purple Lightbulbs. Orange for the porchlight(s).
* Place bales of hay, corn stalks, and pumpkins on your porch or in your front yard. Add a few dead tree branches along with spider-webbing and a few rubber spiders. You can also use plastic or rubber snakes, mice and lizards....creepy!!
* Inside, you can decorate the walls and windows with paper lifesize monsters, bats, skeletons and ghosts, which you can find at any Party City or retail store.
** Spider-webbing can be used in corners, around door and window frames inside as well. In my humble opinion, TARGET has the best selection of Halloween lights, anywhere.

* You could also set up stereo speakers (or a small, portable stereo ) in the bushes or in the windows facing your front yard or porch - pick up some scary music at your local music store or even at Target, Wal*Mart, CVS or Walgreen's. (yes - they carry Halloween CD's) and play the music nightly for about a week leading up to Halloween Night.
* String up Green, Orange and Purple miniature-lights on your bannisters, around windows (inside and out), in your shrubs, bushes and small trees. 
** You can also find Pumpkins, Cats, Eyeballs, Ghosts and Flickering Skeleton lights as well, which can be found at nearly any retail outlet store.
* If the pathway or sidewalk is too dark leading up to your house, simply place a string of miniature orange lights along the pathway, making it alot easier to see.
* For a really spooky look, hang green glowsticks from a front-yard tree using black thread or fishing line.


If you happen to be mechanically inclined, you could build some spooky props, such as The Flying Crank Ghost, The Leaping Loafer, Payback Pumpkin and Trash-can Trauma. All are great mechanical special effects that will really draw the crowds to your Haunted House, which can be found on the Spooky Links page.


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