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Hi, and welcome to our Product page. When you order your Rave and Club toys from us, you will be the center of attention. I accept money orders, or checks. Thank you, and happy shopping....Please be sure to check back often, as we are always looking to add new and exciting illuminated novelties to light you up at your next rave , Burning Man or nightclub outing....

Purple Microlight - order yours today : - )

Yes! They are finally here....a true Purple Microlight,( not to be confused with ultra-violet.) These tiny lights are mega-super bright. Can be seen up to 1/2 of a mile away. Causes certain flourescent colors to glow in the dark...including fog. A great way to draw attention to yourself on the dance floor. Comes with  2 replacable CR2016 batteries and keychain attachment...  New, LOWER prices...Only $12 each, (or 2 for $20 ) plus shipping and handling. 
_______Caution and Disclaimer, PLEASE read: These purple LED's do emit a wavelength close to 400nm, which is close to true UV, and should be used with care, PLEASE - Do not stare directly into the beam when activated. Can cause eye damage after long-term exposure. Can also detect the invisible marks on credit/debit cards, on your canceled mail, the invisble security stripes on U.S. Currency ($5's, $10's, $20's, etc...) and also UV hand stamps used in night clubs!!

More kewl rave and club toys on the way. Check back soon.

Looking for a more reasonable alternative to the Photon Rav'N Microlight??
Well you have found that too!! Introducing the RavEn Bomber!!
At only 2 and 1/4 inces long, it is mega bright. It has  an attached lucite crystal to really show off the RGB (red, green and blue ) High-Tech Light Emitting Diode ( LED ).Also comes with an attached 18" nylon lanyard, plus 2 sets of Batteries ( $10 value )
This tiny light stick will astound and amaze everyone around you. New, lower price of only $10 each. At this low price they will not last long. *******Back in stock now, and improved!! Faster lighting effect!! More light per inch!! ******************

The RavEn Bomber...
The RavEn Bomber in action....
In all it's colorful cool you gotta have 2.