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Helpful Hints
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The purpose of this page is to help you get the most out of your Electronica Party/Club experiences. Just a few, simple hints to make the night more enjoyable : )

1) Gotta have lights. Chemical Glow sticks are okay.....
If you don't mind throwing away $20 a month or more.
I prefer battery-opearated LightWands...they can do things NO other Glowstick can do!! (Read my LightWand review!) Photon MicroLights are great too. Their small, light weight size are perfect for all kinds of cool effects, plus they come in 8 colors
(Red  Orange  Yellow  Green  Blue  Turquoise  White and  Purple) Yes, I carry Purple Microlights - on my RAVE and CLUB TOYS page.....Just found out Pink Microlights are now available!! Look on my Rave and Club Toys page for the appropiate link : )

2) Drink PLENTY of water. No alcohol. (you'll dehydrate faster if you do) GatorAid is okay too. Want energy? Try a '180' Energy drink. Tastes better than that Red Bull crap.
" Turn your energy a 180 "

3) Gotta have candy to share and make friends!!
Gummy Bears. Safe-t-Pops (lollipops with the loop on the bottom). Candy Rings and Necklaces. Ring*Pops....Use your imagination. Check Wal*Mart or Dollar^Tree for great deals on bags of mixed candy.

4) Gotta have a small, battery-opearated massager, to rub away the soreness from dancing w/ your rave lights!! and make more friends!!
5) If you do decide to use glowsticks, the best way to make them last longer, is to put them in a glass filled with ice. Really.... as it   s - l - o - w - s  down the chemiluminescence <-- (LINK : How Stuff Works.) (glowing reaction time). Then to make them glow brighter again, just remove them from the ice.

looking for toys..... gotta find club toys....gee, where do I look? Oh yeah, the TOYS page. Duh!

More Helpful Hints on the way soon!!